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Dear Indian friends,

It is once again a great honor for me to greet and welcome you. On 17th august this year, Gabon celebrated the 53rd anniversary of its independence. On that occasion, President Ali Bongo Ondimba called upon his compatriots to develop social cohesion and a strong sense of nationhood in order to achieve together all the objectives likely to transform Gabon into an emerging country by 2025.

It is worth recalling that when President was elected in 2009, His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba made it clear that his vision was to lead his country into sustainable development. To that end, he made a number of strategic choices to focus the development of the country on three pillars of growth, namely “Industrial Gabon”, “Green Gabon” and “Service oriented Gabon”.

The President’s statement reads as follows:
“Since I was elected in 2009, I set an ambitious program of economic reforms for future prosperity. We can no longer afford to depend uniquely on our oil and gas resources to boost economic growth. We must diversify in a sustainable way. Such is the objective of the “Emerging Gabon” program which will guide our development. The ‘Emerging Gabon consists of three Pillars: Green Gabon, Industrial Gabon and Service oriented Gabon. We know that these three pillars provide the structure through which we can achieve our objectives, favoring a diversified approach. Sustainable development is at the heart of our approach. As a nation, our mineral resources and our environment are our first assets and we are committed to implementing a development model that is clean and sustainable, which helps take advantage of these resources without reducing or depleting them. We are committed to protecting our environment and have recently launched a consultation process aimed at developing a Climate Plan for Gabon.


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