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Emergin Gabon
Emerging Gabon
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Official Country Name : Gabonese Republic

Area : 267,667 sq km (103,347 sq miles)

Population : 1.545 million (2010 estimation)

Life expectancy : 61 years (men), 64 years (women)

Cities : Capital - Libreville (pop. 673,995).

Other major cities are Port-Gentil, Franceville, Gamba, Kango, Oyem,Lambaréné and Lucina.

Ethnic Groups : Fang (largest), Myene, Bapounou, Eshira, Bandjabi, Bakota, Nzebi, Bateke/Obamba

Language(s) : French (official), Fang, Myene, Bateke, Bapounou / Eschira, Badjabi, Nzebi etc.

Religion(s) : Christian 55per cent–75per cent, animist, Islam around 3 per cent

Literacy level : Youth literacy (ages 15-24) is highest in Gabon at 97 percent

Currency : CFA Franc (fixed to euro)

Bordering Countries : Cameroon 298 km, Republic of the Congo 1,903 km, Equatorial Guinea 350 km